Our offer

Private labels and co-packing

We manufacture custom cereal bars for private label and co-pack customers.

Certified nut and peanut free and Kosher, we are able to provide you with products for mass market as well as for niche markets with very specific needs.

We work closely with you from the product development to the packaging design in order to satisfy consumers together. Your expectations are at the core of our business. We are convinced that working in collaboration leads to success.

Contact us to know more about the possibilities… our only limit is your imagination!

Our products

We manufacture our own bars made of fruits and blends of cereals, conceived after market surveys in order to meet consumers expectations.

Designed for people who are looking for healthy eating choices, our cereal bars can contain whole grainsomega-3, be enriched with fibres and be low in saturated fat and sodium. We can also offer 100% Natural bars, Organic bars and bars made of local ingredients.

Contact us to get a complete list of our delicious products!
Samples sent upon request.

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